Ventures Plus focuses on acquiring specific competencies in a semi-skilled trade and on learning how to plan and organize a job search. The program enables students to take charge of their learning, in order to update or develop skills that will enable them to face the challenges associated with new workplace realities.

Ventures + is a program for adults with special needs who are ready to transition into the world of work. The goal of this 3-year program is to give adult learners the tools needed to become more autonomous in their work lives.  The competencies covered in this program include:

  • Math Skills for the world of Work
  • Communication Skills for the World of Work
  • Accessing Services in the Community
  • Leisure and Personal Interests
  • Health Lifestyle Habits
  • Exploring Training and Career Options
  • Rights and Responsibilities at Work
  • Choosing a Type of Work
  • Interactions in the Workplace
  • Time Management in the Workplace
  • Internship in the Workplace


Ventures and Ventures Plus are held at ACCESS’ Saint-Hubert campus, located at 3555 Rocheleau. For more information contact Christopher Kwok at 450-676-1843 ext. 6880 or