By completing Health and Safety on Construction Sites, students will receive certification through ASP Construction and obtain an attestation that will give them access to construction sites in the Province of Quebec.

Without this certification you are not allowed to be physically present on a construction site; therefore, the course is also obligatory for other individuals working on construction sites (management, security guard and control staff).

The objective of the course is to develop a general understanding of everything affecting health and safety on construction sites. It enables the student to acquire the knowledge necessary to hold the required certification under the regulatory requirements (Article 2.4.2.i) of the Safety Code for the construction work.

Requirements: Participants must attend 30 hours of class in total.


Location, Schedule and Date of Course for 2017

NEXT DATES: APRIL 22, 23, 29, 30
                         MAY 27, 28 & JUNE 3, 4


Location:  ACCESS Cleghorn - 163 Cleghorn, St-Lambert, Quebec, J4R 2J4

Schedule:  Two full weekends from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (30 minutes for lunch and two 15 minute breaks)




Here are the steps to follow:

        1. Call us at 450-676-1843 ext.5044 to register.
        2. Submit your $225 payment by phone (Visa or Mastercard) or present yourself in person at the
            address below.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE that your registration will not be valid until we have received your payment

163 Cleghorn Street
Saint-Lambert, Quebec, J4R 2J4