Fall 2017 Registrations

 (NOT for basic English and Francisation courses)

 Make sure you read ALL pertinent information below BEFORE coming to register!

Pour s'inscrire, les élèves doivent compléter le formulaire d'admission plus bas et choisir une date de rendez-vous. Need help? Open the instruction page.

Pages containing pertinent information related to High School Program and Prerequites to higher education are as follow:


What to bring at registration

  • Your identification documents; AND
  • Activity fee of $75.00 (if you are over 18 years) or $50.00 (if you are under 18 years) payable by cash, Visa, Mastercard or debit (no cheques accepted). AND
  • Departure Form ONLY if you attended a regular high school this school year.
  • Medicare card or Driver's Licence; AND
  • Any change of address; AND
PLEASE NOTE, if you are UNDER 18 YEARS OLD, you must have a parent or guardian with you at the appointment.


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