ACCESS Career Training Center offers you the opportunity to learn a trade in a stimulating environment and in state of the art facilities. With three centers located in the South Shore of Montreal (Saint-Lambert (Queen), Saint-Lambert (Cleghorn) and Saint-Hubert) and with more than 35 years of experience ACCESS has a team of professionals that will prepare you to enter the workforce successfully .

Furthermore, through its General Education Center ACCESS offers a comprehensive English language program based on the MELS (Ministry of Education Leisure and Sport) guidelines and standards, offering at the same time a wide cultural program, as well as preparatory courses leading to standardized English proficiency tests known all over the world; TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and TOEIC(Test of English for International Communication).


Please Consult our Language Center and Vocational Training Programs

  • For inquiries from China, please contact our Chinese Representative
    Ms. Cuiwen (Cindy) Yao
    514 570-7718