Are you stuck in an unrewarding career, but don’t know what other jobs would match your interests or abilities? Would you like to finish your education or get specialized training to prepare for a new career, but feel discouraged when you think about returning to school? Are you afraid it is too late for you to start something new? Then come and meet with us! We offer a full range of counseling and support services (SARCA) that could help you find your way to a more rewarding career. We can also update your learning profile and get you back on track in a program that is adapted to your knowledge and experience. We have the tools and the information to help you find success.


SARCA Counseling Services

Our counselors provide academic and career counseling to help you discover the many different educational and career pathways that are available for adults. Information on career and vocational programs could start you on a new career path. Information on how to complete your high school diploma could prepare you for various continuing education programs.

SARCA Referral Services

At ACCESS Continuing Education and Career Centre, your needs and interests come first. Our counselors are knowledgeable about resources and programs that are available at other centers or agencies throughout the province. Should ACCESS Continuing Education and Career Center not offer a program or service that suits your needs, we will gladly refer you to another center or resource that can meet your individual needs.


PLAR refers to Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition, and it helps mature students get credits for their experiential learning. If you are changing your career or returning to school, PLAR may help you get credits for learning acquired outside the formal classroom. Our trained counselors will determine if you are eligible for PLAR.

SARCA Record of Learning

The Record of Learning is a tool that helps clients reflect on a wide range of life activities in order to identify their strengths, interests and abilities acquired through formal schooling, work experience and general life experience.

Services are provided free of charge to adults over 16 years of age who do not have a Secondary School Diploma or vocational / professional training. You may be a student registered in our adult education sector, or you may be someone living on the territory of the Riverside School Board. The center is open throughout the year. Please call and make an appointment with a counselor if you wish to:

  • Investigate career opportunities
  • Complete your secondary studies
  • Discover your career aptitudes
  • Explore a Record of Learning
  • Learn about your strengths and abilities

Alternatively, you can just drop by and meet with us at:
163 Cleghorn Street Saint-Lambert, Quebec, J4R 2J4   Phone: 450 676-1843   Fax: 450 676-1350

What is RAC?

The Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC) is a process used to identify, document,assess and officially recognize your skills and competencies. It determines any missing education or training components you need, thereby accelerating or giving you direct access to a diploma.

Is RAC for you?

  • Have you had a variety of learning experiences in your field?
  • Have you been involved in volunteer activities?
  • Do you have years of experience in one field?
  • Are you motivated to update your skills?
  • Do you take on new roles and responsibilities at work or in your community?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, RAC may be for you.